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*eligible after applying both 1% (after spending $2800.00 and up), another 1% (after spending $6000.00 and up), and 3% (after spending $10000.00 and up) discounts, along with an email subscription accessible below and on all pages in this website (promo discount code of $30 and $50** sent via information in sign-up; see below for more information).

**$50 discount code given manually by corporation after requirements have been met

Did You Know

To those unfamiliar with billiards, SNOOKER can be played on a pool table. Pool tables are not just limited to Pool (8 ball) and Pool (9 ball), but also with the snooker ball set. It's even available in our website!

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  • Emily (Amazon) - Economy Ball Set

    I use these for get back whips and it was an absolutely great value and set for the price. Well done and will order exact set again when needed for more whips!

  • Blaine R Lisoway (Amazon) - Economy Ball Set

    This billiard ball set is of good quality. The finish is excellent and the marking of the different balls is easy to read. Very good product for the purchase.

  • Sean (Amazon) - Economy Ball Set

    These balls glide across the table with such ease and seam to smack each other so much harder. It's almost like I revitalized my whole table, just by buying this set. I'm not normally one to leave reviews, but this is how genuinely happy I am that I purchased this.

  • Kindle Customer Shuffleboard Set -

    Buy these pucks if you are having inconsistent speeds in your throws! I wish I would have years ago!!

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